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California Drought: Some Water Organizations Targeting Car Washes

Governor Brown issued an Executive Order that strengthens the state's ability to manage water, asking citizens to redouble our efforts to conserve water. In this proclamation Governor Brown actually promotes the use of professional car washes: "Limit vehicle washing at home by patronizing local carwashes that use recycled water." - 3.c of proclamation.

However, in an effort to show they are doing something to reduce water consumption, some water organizations have targeted washing cars as a way of doing that. Two of these misguided programs that we are aware of are Los Angeles: Go Dirty for the Drought and Ventura: A Little Dirt Won't Hurt, including an article about the Ventura program in the Wall Street Journal: Car Owners Talk Dirty to Save Water.

You Can Make a Difference
Due to WCA and ICA reaching out to Ventura, they have now added the language "Using A Professional Car Wash Is The Smart Environmental Choice," to their program! The more we educate, the more opportunity we have to make a difference in these careless programs.


WCA Gets Message to Media
NBC Nightly News decided to do a special report on these two “drive dirty” campaigns. Due to WCA’s Alert – WCA was asked to give our prospective. Jeff Paul of Fashion Square Car Wash was featured, giving the professional car wash perspective. Although the entire piece is a “puff piece” meant to make people feel like they are doing something to help the drought by not washing their cars – but at least we were able to get our message in about how professional car washes are drought-conscious.

WCA Drought Information and Resources

save_water.jpgBecause of the drought emergency in California WCA is doing the following:

  1. Working with our lobbying firm to ensure that the message from the state level recognizes that professional car washes conserve water.
  2. Tracking drought stages and communicating with various water agencies to encourage communities to use professional car washes.
  3. Gathering resources and information to provide WCA members with help during this crisis.
  4. Encouraging WCA members to join the International Carwash Association (ICA) WaterSavers program which provides consumer marketing and important data to back up our water conservation efforts.  

Visit the Environmental section of our website under Industry Information for additional resources. Be sure to have your log-in name and password available.
We are encouraging all of our members to share the resources with regulators and consumers. Be sure to keep the WCA office informed of your activities so we can assist where possible.
Members click here for resource information.

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