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WaterWise Program

There is a myth believed by the public that professional car washers are water wasters and not the most environmentally friendly. This myth holds no water. Professional car washes are equipped with high-pressure, low flow nozzles that precisely control the amount of water used on a car and numerous studies indicate professional car washers use LESS water than home washing and DO NOT contribute to stormwater pollution. The majority of consumers are unaware that many professional carwashes recycle their water and reuse it multiple times in the carwash process and also treat the wastewater prior to releasing into the sewer system.  

WCA members have the option to participate in The Western Carwash Association Water Conservation Certification Program (WCA/WCCP). This program is a tool for car wash operators to:

  • Maximize water conservation efforts at their car wash facilities
  • Educate consumers and water utility companies as to the benefits of professional car washing as it pertains to water conservation and protecting the environment
 Download the WaterWise program brochure below and learn how you can start conserving water today!

Join the WaterWise Program Today! 

Promote your water management and conservation efforts by participating in the WCA Water Conservation Certification Program (WCA/WCCP). The purpose of this part of the WaterWise Program is to educate water utility companies and consumers as to the benefits of professional car washing as it pertains to water conservation and protecting the environment.

Owner/operators have two programs to choose from: Water Conservation Certification Program or Commercial Car Wash Best Management Recognition. Both programs offer all WCA Members the opportunity to promote their car wash as being WaterWise.

For more information, download the WCA/WCCP application below, or contact Will Hixson at or (916) 235-4135. 
 Download WaterWise Program Application

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